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Slate Black Industries (SBI) was founded by two longtime friends and fellow shooters. This unique formation has allowed experiences from both overseas deployments, as well as the highest level of competitive shooting, to be combined together and infused into each SBI product.

SBI strives to deliver products which are superior in performance, longevity or design, or, to find efficiencies that allow for more competitive pricing to other products currently available on the market. This base drive is rooted firmly in our “customer first” mentality, whereby we strive to supply those who share our philosophy and beliefs on the importance of individual rights and freedoms , with the tools to be successful regardless as to what their job or mission is.

Contact: Slate Black Industries, LLC
               Email: [email protected]               Phone: (832) 510-4564
               Address: 21175 SH249, PO Box 480
                            Houston, Texas 77070

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