The Magpul M-LOK® System

M-LOK is a modular locking accessory mounting system that is a direct attachment method for hard mounting accessories to a negative space mounting point. Designed by Magpul Industries as an evolution of the MOE slot system used since 2007, the M-LOK system is a free licensed platform to allow greater compatibility of accessories between all manufacturers.


Installation Instructions: 


1, Test fit the Slate Black Industry product into the desired M-LOK section.

 - 3-slot Long Slate grips require three M-LOK slots for installation. 

 - 2-slot Medium Slate grips require two M-LOK slots for installation. 

 - Slate Grip "Mini", SVG and Slate Stops require one M-LOK slot for installation. 


2, Install T-Nuts and screws to the Slate Grip/SVG/Slate Stop if you have not yet done so. We recommend you to apply light or medium thread locker to the screws. (DO NOT USE RED LOCTITE)


3, Seat the Slate Grip/SVG/Slate Stop into the desired slots and tighten screws using a 1/8in Allen Key.

 - Do not exceed 15 in/lb of torque. 

 - All of our products use a 3mm allen key for installation, which can be purchased with your order. 



Feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions on installation! 


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